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Inovonics  808
Radio Alignment Processor
List: $4,828.00 Log In For Your BEST PRICE
Inovonics’ JUSTIN 808 is the one-box solution that guarantees perfect sync, phase and level balance between your analog FM and HD Radio programming.

It uses powerful DSP correlation algorithms to determine time and level offsets from the offair signal, and then unobtrusively inserts proper delay and gain in the AES digital audio feed to zero-out the offsets. This eliminates, once and for all, the stuttering, echo, and ducking that listeners hear (and complain about!) when their radios crossfade between modes.

Operation is fully automatic, and the JUSTIN’s Web Interface features SNMP support and dispatches email and SMS alarm messages.

• Time-aligns FM and HD Radio audio with ±1 sample accuracy
• Corrects out-of-phase FM/HD Radio audio
• Level-matches HD Radio audio to FM audio
• Email/SMS error messaging; SNMP support
• Alarm tallies for out-of-range conditions; error logging
• Supports AES3 44.1kHz sampling
• Easy to install… and then just let it do its thing
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