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Rational Acoustics  Smaart
Part# smaart
System Measurement Software
List: $950.00 Log In For Your BEST PRICE
Smaart is the most straightforward and widely used software for real-time sound system measurement, analysis and optimization.

Smaart is inherently multi-channel and multi-platform, able to access modern multi-channel input devices and operate native in both Windows and Mac Operating Systems (including 32- and 64-bit versions). Meaning can run multiple, simultaneous Spectrum and Transfer Function Measurements.

• Unlimited input channels / devices
• ASIO, Wav and CoreAudio input
• Able to reference to internal sources
• Time Domain Filtering / Input Calibration
• Fractional-octave banding for RTA and Spectrograph, including 1/48th Octave
• Multi-channel input allows for simultaneous display of multiple individual RTAs - as well as “live averages” of active signals
• “Line-Over-Bands” view of RTA displays both raw and banded data
• Real-time adjustable dynamic range
• Store and recall spectrographs
• MTW (Multi-Time Window) FFT provides better than 48th Oct frequency resolution from 60 Hz up.
• Fractional-octave smoothing provides better trace readability
• Averaging algorithm greatly enhances trace stability
• Overload protection – TF average rejects data during input clip.
• Multi-channel input allows multiple, simultaneous transfer functions as well as the calculation of “live-averages” of those measurements
• Groups of Transfer Function measurements can be configured for managing multi-channel system alignment
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